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To celebrate our 8th anniversary (Seriously, 8. This breaks my brain.), we're going to use one of the certificates we bought at an auction last year and go out for dinner and to see John Pizzarelli live. I managed to catch, and get hooked on, some of his music last year and am super excited that I get to see him live. He's a story teller in addition to a musician, so live performances are awesome. And that this performance happens to fall so close to a special date of mine is just awesome. Can't. Wait.

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Congrats hon - that sounds like a lovely way to mark the day.

I'm actually amazed that the timing worked out the way it did. And honestly when booking, I totally spaced the anniversary connection.

Same here - the fact that we're going camping just the two of us for the first time this weekend was because of outside timing. It's total fluke that it's come up so close to our anniversary.

I adore John Pizzarelli. The jazz radio station out of Toronto which we listen to broadcasts his show Radio Deluxe every Sunday morning at 9 a.m.. Wonderful music, and you're right, he's quite the raconteur. Good for you! Does a station near you carry it? Of course, with this internet thingy *rolls eyes skyward*, one can listen online from a greater distance.

I haven't been able to find a local station with his variety of jazz. It's all either hardcore (which is great) mixed with NPR or soft (which my father loves, but puts me to sleep). I'm going to have to poke around and see if something local broadcasts Radio Deluxe. I had no idea he had his own show!

Um, I'm really bad at understanding these things, but I think www.jazz.fm streams their broadcasts online. It's the Toronto jazz station I mentioned. John's show is with his wife, Jessica Malaskey, and it features both old and new stuff. Oh my gosh, if this works for you, enjoy it!

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