savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Holy cow what a weekend. I barely survived - not enough water Friday and Saturday and I crashed into a dehydration-induced migraine on Sunday. It wasn't pretty and totally ate my day. Today is much better, but dehydration always sneaks up on me.

Other than that, the whole weekend was INSANE. Thursday was that John Pizzarelli show, Friday was a wedding, and Saturday was a pickup of cat food and the opera. This is the busiest weekend I've had in ages, excluding travel. I could really have used an extra day to recover before heading back to work this morning. But then, things don't seem to be slowing down any so I guess I should just suck it up and get used to the new level of crazy. Yay for getting older.

As far as the opera, Tristan und Isolde is awesome. I love Wagners music, it was fantastic to listen to. The problem I had with the show was that the direction and the set choices made me nuts. The second act really pissed me off with the love scene where Tristan and Isolde were looking away from each other for half the act. My husband tried to get me to see the symbolism there, but wooden faces and the lack of interaction just didn't do it for me. The third act was way better - Tristan went totally nuts and was very convincing in his fever-dreams. Ending on a high note is great, but the second act just about put me to sleep.

This week looks to be a lot slower, but the planning for other things, upcoming work travel, vacations, etc, is going to take up that spare time. Hopefully I can spend an hour or so gardening soon. Getting some brain power back through focusing on dirt is always awesome.
Tags: weekend recap
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