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Yesterday I picked about 40 pounds of green gage plums. These things are so ripe they were practically falling off the tree into my hands. I left behind the ones that actually fell off the tree, and some for my parents neighbor, but I have a ton of fruit cooling in the fruit room. Now all I need is a spare day and a good plum jam recipe.
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I am in awe. I've always been very nervous about canning. Like it's alchemy instead of cookery.

I jumped right in last year. It's far less frightful than I imagined it would be. The Ball Blue Book made things so very easy. Homemade pickles are just so much better than store bought!

I love polskie ogorkie, but I'd probably love them more if I made them myself. How ridiculous would it be to make one or two jars of pickles, I wonder. . .

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