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(no subject)

I'm trying very hard to avoid having a day made of rage, but people seem to be deliberately breaking my brain. I strongly suspect that a large portion of this is due to the fact that my husband is out of town. I miss him tons, and it's killing my routine with him gone. There was no silly conversation on the way in to the office. There was no laughing at cat antics last night or this morning.

I must combat this effectively tonight. I must keep moving, working on one thing at a time until I collapse form exhaustion. I'd hate to repeat today's punchy, Friday-like morning.

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Thank you! Some days are just made of fail, you know?

Yes, avoid that. I had a sandwich made of rage once and it took me a lot of beer to wash it down. I whole day? Yikes.

On the plus side, maybe you can add something cool to your routine that you normally wouldn't be able to. When Karen is out of town I get to play old Go-gos songs on the stereo with impunity and work on whatever crazy project I want.

MMMMM, beer.

Unfortunately he's not gone long enough to throw a crazy party and get dragged off to jail. But then, it's not the 80's and I'm not in a teen comedy either, so.

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