savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Actual fruit

It looks like the crazy tomato plants that bloomed in the middle of August are going to try to produce fruit. There are tiny green globes hanging from the branches of many of the plants, the rest are in full flower. I have no idea whether the tomatoes will actually mature but I will try my darndest to get them ripe. I was out yesterday taking pictures in amazement and bending the secondary branches. I’ve read that this technique will concentrate the plants energy into the remaining limbs, hopefully with an emphasis on the fruit.

There’s another tiny plant that’s producing flowers like crazy. I have no idea what it is. It’s most likely that it’s either a jalapeno or a tomatillo, but which it really is I couldn’t tell you. The flowers are really interesting looking, but I definitely need a better way to track starts from the egg carton to the 2″ pots. That’s where I lost track of which was what and whether or not certain seeds had started.

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Tags: gardening, localvore
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