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Big and black

There are good and bad things about living in an area that’s largely rural. Most are pretty clear cut: wonderful house and yard, good; no good ethnic restaurants, bad. This one isn’t clear to me at all. The bear just on the other side of our fence is spectacular to look at. But holy cow, he’s too close. Fortunately he was just foraging for almost-ripe blackberries and not looking to get inside the fence and rumble with the barbeque or compost bin. Right about now, I’m thinking putting the compost inside the fence wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had.

The next time this guy comes around, I’m going to have to take measures though. Reading up on black bear behavior, if you let them establish a routine they take ownership of their new routes. I suspect there’s a lot of pot-clanging in my future to try to stop this from becoming bear territory.

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Yep, he's a beauty. I'm glad I got a set of pictures, fuzzy as they are.

You might call your local game folks to let them know. Sometimes they will use dogs and such and "haze" the bear away.

This bear has been around the neighborhood for weeks - the neighbors have been sure to let the city and game people know. We're just rural enough that it's expected to have these guys around, the theory is that we're supposed to know enough now for them to not make this a permanent home. We're coming into blackberry season though, hopefully he'll move back up the hills when it's over.

um...pick all the blackberries...have the pots ready to clang :) Good luck. My folks deal with Bears at their cabin and it can get a little scary. Mom was woken up by one staring right at her through the bedroom window.

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