savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Fruits of my labor – my first jelly


I acquired about 20 pounds of Green Gage plums from my parents tree a few weeks ago. This tree puts out fruit in quantities that are insane, with all of it ripening within 2 days. There’s no way to eat a few plums and then a few more as they go from ripe to overripe in a matter of days. In fact, after picking the 20 or so pounds and sticking them in our cool storage room, the ripened almost to the point of fermenting within 3 days. This is the one thing I don’t like about the softer fruits – they seem to go from just ripe enough to inedible so quickly it’s impossible to avoid losing some.

I’d decided to try plum jelly before I received the plums, but hadn’t done the appropriate homework. I didn’t realize I needed to make the juice first so ended up spending an entire evening doing just that. A total of 9 quarts of plum juice went into the refrigerator. I’m sure I lost a lot of juice in the pulp, but there’s only so much I can care about the juice that just won’t squeeze out through those tiny spaces in the mesh bags.

With 1.5 of those quarts I’ve finished about 8 half pints of plum/rosemary/vanilla jelly. I learned from last years attempts and this one came out exactly perfect. The jelly set up just right, all the jars sealed correctly and it tastes FANTASTIC. In fact, it’s so good we’ve been using it as a flavoring over vanilla ice cream. I just hope the rest of the flavors turn out as well.

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