savannah (onsafari) wrote,

My husband and I were joking around in the car on Saturday, as this is normally how we pass the time driving. I'll tease him about something, he'll come up with excellent reasoning for whatever we're talking about and I'll seize on some throwaway part of what he's said and take it totally beyond the bounds of what could ever be construed as appropriate. This generally causes us to end up laughing to hard I cry or feel sick. It's very good.

So Saturday we were following this pattern and I was poking at him about some new shirts his mother had acquired for him as a birthday present. They look too big to me, his sense of size is stuck in 1994 when huge Tshirts were the way to go. His response was to show me how the shirt he was wearing was too short in the sleeve. We joked about his sleeve length for a bit, and agreed on sleeve lengths, but his new shirts are L, so chest size is unrelated to any other piece of the sizing. This is how the conversation went from there:
Me: Those shirts are still to wide for you.
Him: I'll do something about that. How much bigger does I need to get to fill them out?
Me: Six to seven inches.
Him: I'll get right on that.
Both: *giggles*
Reading over that, I'm a little concerned on where he's planning to put that extra girth. But if he bulks up even an inch in the chest, it would be awesome and I'm sure we'd both be happy.
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