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(no subject)

I have a carb-loving cat and we use corn litter. Those of you that can tell where this is going, say it with me. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW.

This corn litter is clumping, so it's rare that I have to add new litter to the boxes. When I do, it tends to go right on top, and be pretty thick. Every time this happens, I spend the rest of the day chasing the cat away from the box. She walks by, smells the new litter and stops to hang her head in the box. She then eats a few pieces of litter before I chase her away. This happens EVERY TIME.

It's hilarious to see the cat hanging her head in her box to eat the litter, but at the same time it's horrifying. I don't really want to know what chemicals are on the litter that she's eating. It's probably no worse than whatever was in the snake she ate yesterday, but it still can't be good for her.

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This cat provides so much gross-out comedy it's crazy. Her snake eating adventure was after she announced a kill and ate some other unknown thing on the carpet in the house. Comedy gold!

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