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(no subject)

My lunch has home-made lavender plum jam in my PBJ. So awesome.

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Amazing. I love the idea of something sublime combined with something prosaic.
I once roasted a chicken with home-grown herbs under the skin, including lavender.
Is that what your jam had in it? Lavender the herb/flower? I'm almost tearing up as I write this (no, I'm actually tearing up for real), as the one-and-only time I did that was when my friend Kathy and her family came over for dinner. As in, Kathy my friend who has since died of a brain tumor.

I miss her. Herbs, as with all things smelly, bring up memories. :-(

Yea for your PBJ.

It was the dried flowers in the jam. Tasted wonderful.

It's funny how certain foods bring back special memories. I'm sorry about your friend.

Thank you. She was a rare individual. I have a sweet baby tree out front I planted in her honor. It's doubly linked, both to Kathy and to Betty, our next door neighbor who gave it to me. It had been growing in a pot on her back patio for years, and it in turn is the offspring of a tree in HER back yard, which her father gave her. Betty's father was a horticulturalist for Erie County, so I feel especially privileged to have this tree in my yard.

That is an excellent story for a tree.

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