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(no subject)

I feel so fortunate today. I'm stuck working on this beautiful sunny day, BUT!
  1. My husband went to the store to grab me some stuff for my hurting mouth
  2. I'm drinking Kona coffee that reminds me of our trip to Hawaii
  3. My husband made me lunch since I was trapped working
  4. The people I work with are awesome and funny
  5. My husband is working on finishing up the irrigation system we've been working on forever.
I'm very happy to be so loved today.

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Awww. I can relate. Sometimes it's the little things, like my hubby waving me out of the kitchen when he discovers me about to do dishes, after I've been cooking all day (or at least it seems like it!).

It's listening to the sermon in church, sitting leaning my back against him. Funny how we don't sit that way at home (I'll have to work on that).

It's him telling me, after I've been wrestling with my software for hours and getting nowhere, "Can I give you some advice? Get up and walk away from it. Go back to it tomorrow." He knows how my ambition can eat me up.

I seem to have missed what's going on with your mouth. So, what's going on with your mouth?

Partners rock. so sorry we missed you yesterday. Total bummer.

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