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I'm trying to be more consistent about working out. Today is the second day this week I've lifted weights, and I did it 3 times right before we went on vacation. I love how lifting gives me more energy and lets me sleep better. I have to remember this, even when I'm crabby as all get out. Lifting makes me feel better!

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Yes. When you figure out why it is so hard to remember this - or to make yourself believe it when you *do* remember it -- please let me know!

Would you add me to your accountability filter? I think I need some inspiration sometimes. :)

Yes! Added!

And now adding you has caused my squirming guilt about having to post there recently to go over the top and now I'll have to post tomorrow! :) Not just you, of course, but it's been building all week - someone making a comment about it here, my seeing an old post there, etc. - and I've actually felt so bad about not being accountable to Accountability Club that I did extra walking three times this week so that when I *did* post, I would have something to say!! LOL - it sounds so lame written out like that but there really is something about having to 'own up' that spurs me on.

Ah, yes. The guilt-exercize. :)

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