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Trying for more

This year I figured I’d try a late planting – we get lots of warm days in September and October which generally tend to be as warm as March other places. There’s far less sun here, as a general rule, but our mild temperatures tend to even that out a bit. So in September I dropped some peas, kale and a few broccoli seeds in the ground as an experiment.

So far, this fall has been a nightmare. It’s been particularly cold and gloomy, dooming my experiment to failure. Nothing has sprouted, not even a token sprig of late season peas.I’m going to call this one now and avoid hoping for anything out of it. September is too late for planting, even short germination plants that can tolerate cool temperatures. I’ll just have to put my late season crops in the ground earlier next year.

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What about trying kale, chard, and winter lettuces? My pumpkin failed, and I planted a shorter season one back in september, maybe it was late august. But hey - it's worth a shot! Also --- you've got the space, would you consider a small green house?

I would LOVE a small greenhouse/shed. The problem is that these are so expensive it'll be a while before we get one. I'm definitely saving up though.

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