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Tomatillos – the hardy fruit

My tomatillo plant has turned out to be an amazing success. I may not have pulled a single tomato from the garden, but I ended up with about a dozen tomatillos. Neither the late planting nor the lack of heat hampered that little guy. In fact, I was able to pull ripe fruit from the plant well after the first frost had melted the tomato plants. This boggles my brain because these guys are southern heat loving plants but I’ll definitely plant one or two next year. If I manage to take care of them, I’m sure they’ll put out enough fruit for me to make some salsa verde (which we love).

One thing I’m going to have to remember is that these plants are spreaders. The one I put in the ground developed root nodes all along the vines and spread to a 2 foot radius despite weather that wouldn’t encourage it to thrive. I may end up using pots next year to keep it from taking over the entire garden. Still, I can’t wait to see what it might do with a little actual care.

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I keep playing chicken with tomatillos - I love them, I want to cook with them again, but I can never quite convince myself they're going to be any good, having arrived here from Clearly Elsewhere.

Next year you should grow your own! Then they'll be local. :)

I might just - we're definitely doing more tomatoes and without question, we're going to enjoy carrots again. But tomatillos might be fun, too.

Mmmmm, salsa verde! Hey, do you think it can be frozen? My hubby is not nearly as crazy about it as I am.

I am full on shocked. Since they certainly shouldn't have done so well in the weather, i'm going to say that they must simply LOVE love LOVE your soil. It's awesome that you've had an easy time with them!!!

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