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Good starting point

Since we finished up the geothermal heat pump work, I’ve been watching our bills pretty closely. Part of the reason we put it in was to be able to sleep in summer, part was to reduce the emergency vet visits, and part was to save some money. Our house is a solar furnace in the summer but with the short days of winter we just can’t get the solar gain without losing the heat through the windows. In fact, even with curtains with blackout backings, our energy bills were quintupling in the winter.

In these early days of fall we’re starting to see the energy usage go up as the temperature steadily drops below 50 for days at a time. Switching from gas heat to electric has been strange, but the cumulative effect is still that we’re down about 30% on our total bill over this time last year.

I’m sure that getting rid of that electric water heater was a massive win – it was just barely EnergyStar rated. What I’m hoping to see over the next months is that the efficiencies of the central air will continue to show against the previous use of wall heaters and a badly placed gas fireplace. I would really love for this to keep us warm and just barely swing up our energy costs over the balmy days of September.((Shut up, I can hope.)) It’s going to be interesting to watch for sure, especially when the predicted storms come.

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Tags: green, rural life
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