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So yesterday I was very industrious. I worked out, made dinner, fed the cats, the fish, planned their breakfast, packed my lunch, prepped for trash day, put together a slow cooker meal for today and took a shower so I wouldn't have wet hair in the morning waiting for the bus.

Then the wind storm took the power out.

That doesn't really put a crimp in my plans as the power went out just as it was bed time and I set my cell as an alarm for the morning. The water heater is gas, so the morning shower won't be cold.

As expected, the power was out this morning. I got ready anyway with my prepped stuff, but left the slowcooker meal in the fridge. Took the trash out to the garage, opened all the doors manually, dragged the can into the car to head down to the street.

That's when I saw the giant tree across the driveway blocking my escape to a heated building.

So this morning I called in to meetings with projected components, and was generally annoyed. The tree guy came out and cleared the tree and the power came back on just in time for me to start catching up and put in a full days work. The fact that I can be productive like that in spite of being trapped with no power makes me happy and irritated at the same time.

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The option to work from home is one I seriously envy, but I suppose that comes as no surprise.

Working from home is a weird mixed blessing. It's nice that I don't have to get up early, but then I tend to work extra hours and short myself on me and hobby/fun time. And not choosing it, like today, is just frustrating. I guess the good part is that I didn't have to take a sick day. But then, I can only take sick days when I can't sit up because I can work from home.

I can see that. Sometimes, you'd like to take a mental health day, but its hard to justify when you're working from home. And as you say, working extended hours.

Lemme guess. You're proud of your resourcefulness, yet annoyed that you had to use it. And probably some other people, with less of a work ethic, would have said screw it and blown off most of what you managed to do. Yes/no?

Wow. I completely understand. I feel that way about a lot of what I do. I think most people would not bother, and yet the day I resort to cooking mashed potatoes from a box is the day I'm ready to die. Sometimes I wish I could take the easy way out. But it's simply not. my. way.
*Pats shoulder*

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