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Monday night we had a snowpocalypse, ending up with 12 or so inches of snow. This is unheard of for this time of year, but I was watching forecasts and the local town mailing list so my husband and I left early and made it home before the craziness and accidents/vehicle abandoning really got going.

Yesterday was a day of working from home while the husband used our snowblower and cleaned out the driveway. As we were home and it was light out, the cats were crazy to go outside. They'd sit at the door and cry, making it sound like they were dying of our cruelty. These cats are still relatively new to the whole concept of outside, and have no experience at all with snow. We'd open the door, show them the cold and snow, and they'd back away. But an hour later they'd be back at the door like it had never happened and it was just some cruel joke we were playing. I finally got fed up and tossed them both outside on the deck. They of course hated it and made a beeline for the door, running back in. That bought an extra hour of quiet, and was hilarious to boot.

Today was another work from home day - towns just shut down here because the driving is so dangerous. People try to go too fast, spin out, then just walk away cluttering the roads with abandoned vehicles. So we opted out instead, staying where it was impossible to get into an accident. Of course, since we were home and it was light, the pestering began again. It was lighter today, somehow it had penetrated tiny brains that snow is not good. Except about 10AM the Mister sat in front of the door and made enough noise to deafen a middle school band instructor. The cat wanted OUT. I know this sound, and promptly opened the door and encouraged him out onto the deck, gentler than yesterday but still insistent. To my surprise, he was off along the edge of the house, down the stairs off the deck and a few steps onto the ground in a flash. He chose the lightest snow areas to walk, but he was out. The cat made that snow yellow and then made a mad dash (including copious foot shaking to remove snow) for the door back in.

It seems we have a new definition of stubborn around here. Insisting on going outside in 19 degree weather to pee when there's a perfectly good, recently cleaned, catbox just up the stairs.

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