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Ho to know you work in tech

This morning I woke from nightmares about IPv6.

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Nah. IPv6 is the nightmare that never ends.

Oh, now that's just cruel.

Actually I'm sort of excited about IPv6. I know my coworkers will screw that up for me, but for the moment it's a fun intellectual diversion.

You're not going to shoot me for saying that are you?

The funny part is that I hardly know anything about it, just that it's looming. I suppose I should really start researching though.

fun IPv6 info (I gave a TCP/IP class here recently):

if IPv6 numbers were handed out individually (which they won't be), every person on earth could have every IP address currently in use in the world right now

on every hair on their head

7 billion people * 100K hairs * 2^32 =~ 3*10^25

and still have a ton left over, since 2^128 is about 3.4*10^38

Really, IPsec is what you should be worried about. It's coming hand in hand with IPv6, or close behind. It's good news, security wise, but it'll be a pain toset up and manage.

Edited at 2011-01-04 11:47 pm (UTC)

I for one welcome our new IPv6 overlords...

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