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(no subject)

It's funny, I feel like I'm on a one-track brain right now.* All I can seem to think about outside of work is lifting weights. But! This morning, I figured out some awesome things. And they will be in list format.
  1. After I workout, I feel awesome. Not just physically, but also in my brain. Like somehow I become this crazy powerful, sexy, awesome person. Just because I can pick things up.
  2. Weight lifting attracts me the same way sudoku attracts me. There are numbers and a challenge to win. I don't know how you win at weight lifting, but some part of my brain thinks I can.
  3. I'm sleeping less now. I don't know if the exercise is reducing my stress sleeping or what, but even with less sleep I feel rested, even when I wake up a million times in the night (as usual).
  4. Lifting shuts my brain up. I have to focus so hard on what I'm doing that all the work stress melts away. I then get to enjoy the rest of my evening. Sure, I'm sweaty, but I'm happy about it.
  5. Lifting when I'm sore makes me not sore. This is awesome.

* Yes, I picked this icon because I'm sure at least one person is actually rolling their eyes.

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I'm not rolling my eyes, I'm encouraged! Thanks for taking the time to post this!

That's good to hear. I'm hoping it helps encourage me as well!

Are you going to go primal eating, too? Seems to me I have friends who love the effects of the diet in conjunction with weight work.

I've never heard of primal eating. Now I'm going to have to go look that up.

But realistically, unless the food is awesome it's unlikely I'll switch my diet. I like food, and I like what I eat now. The lifting is kind of to allow me to keep eating close to what I'd like and not have to suffer for it.

An of course, somehow I didn't stay logged in to comment. Bah.

OK, I was wrong. Looking over the guidelines, that's kind of what my body craves, although I generally need more protein than they recommend. Weird.

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