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Night out

My husband and I went to see the opera Barber of Seville last night. This is one of my favorite operas, and he'd never seen it. It always makes me laugh, and reminds me of the first time I went to an opera as an adult. After seeing the production 10(!) years ago, I ended up with a bit of a crush on the art form. The comedy and amounts of physical activity* always make me think of what opera can be, not what it normally is. It's almost like there's a little bit of extra love attached to the Barber that doesn't get shared with other titles. It's definitely something that all opera should aspire to.

Anyway, I got to share my first opera crush with my husband. He didn't love it as much as I do, but still enjoyed it. And we always use this as an opportunity to go into The City and eat someplace fun. We hit up Crow last night and I have to say I was surprised. Though it doesn't seem that they're keeping up on their website updates, the pan roasted chicken is still on the menu. It is absolutely fantastic and not to be missed. I was also lucky enough to have a cherry/lemon/sage martini and a beet/blood orange/chevre/pistachio salad. Holy cow, we're going back.

* There's very little room for standing and singing in this production
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Holy cow, indeed: "a cherry/lemon/sage martini and a beet/blood orange/chevre/pistachio salad".
My toes are curling at the thought of how those must have tasted.
My mother was deeply addicted to opera (to which the rest of us used to refer as: "Anything you can sing, I can sing louder!"). I think part of what used to turn me off to it was the tinny quality of radio back in the days when she would listen as she was ironing, mostly on Saturday afternoons during the Texaco Hour. The sopranos would sound like they were shrieking their parts, but that was probably forty-five years ago or more, and sound equipment wasn't so great back then.
When I got older and saw a performance in person, it was a different matter. It certainly informed my musical tastes to the point where, when I heard Sara Brightman do Phantom of the Opera (okay, it's a musical, but it's very opera-like, for obvious reasons), I thought, that's funny, she's got a very odd glottal stop. Strange thing to think, but I can't help it.

food sounds good! opera sounds lovely. date night rocks!

That salad sounds awesome and the drink sounds strange but worth trying :)

Glad you guys made it out for a fun night on the town!

Pan roasted chicken sounds divine . . .

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