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Last weekend I went to the salon and had my hair cut. Out of this cut I went from waist length hair to effectively shoulder length. I was able to donate 2 chunks of 9 inch hair to make into wigs, which made the process a little less traumatic, but still a bit nerve wracking. I'd been growing my hair, aside from the annual trims, for 3 or so years just to see how long it would go. It was the inability to make it look like anything other than a huge pile of hair on a regular basis that was its death knell. Not that it looked bad, it just didn't look good. And honestly, as my hairdresser said, it would probably be floor length before it was as long as it could get.

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Go you for donating! That said, I know losing that much has to be a huge change. I keep trying to get mine longer (and am failing at that).

My hair is unnaturally resilient (also known as huge and crazy). Having Long Hair took more babying than I expected. It was crazy how many new ways of dealing with length I found.

Can't wait to see the new do. Sure you look amazing. Also suspect that you are right...it could grow forever, but would you want it to, naw. Cool about making the hair donation though :)

I was pretty surprised at the length requirements. Seriously, how many people cut off that much hair at a time?

Waist level? Wow. I sometimes go for a while without cutting mine (because I am lazy) but it never gets longer than mid shoulder blade no matter how long I wait. I think mine just starts breaking off at that distance.

Everyone has a termination length. Didn't you get yours longer when you cut it for the braids?

It never got longer than my mid-upper back. I heard that if I got it trimmed to remove damaged ends it would grow longer. My termination length is caused by termination shock? Probably not, but it sounds cool.

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