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(no subject)

It's funny, I spend my days working with technical things but I spend most of my time on interpersonal stuff. Take this example that has bitten me twice now, a piece of slang that is widespread enough that I forget it's slang.

I have been using the word "vet" as shorthand for "validate" in a multicultural department. The word itself is clearly not as widely accepted as I thought because I've been asked for clarification a couple of times. My first instinct is to say "vet as in...." but there's nothing to fill in that blank. (What is vet short for anyway? Dictionary.com is of no help in this situation, other than to find synonyms for this word that I already know.)

I guess the bigger question is why have I done this twice after learning that it's not a widely used word. When will I figure out the keys to being mutli-culturally savvy? I sure hope it's soon.
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That history is awesome. And also explains why no one has any idea what I'm talking about. Veterinarian? Really?

I had the same reaction as you. I thought "well, of course, vet as in .... er, as in ... i mean, short for ... er, ... what the hell?!" and so had to google it for my own sanity - confirmation that I haven't just been using a word in some made up usage.

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