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The things you say

The cats go outside now that we have a fenced yard. They were previously indoor only, but are loving the ability to go explore the world, even if in a small enclosed area. They haven’t yet figured out how to climb the chain link, so I think we’ll be ok for a while. Thank goodness they don’t have paws like the raccoons.

One cat uses this new freedom to have a huge potty box that doesn’t require digging or covering. The other uses it to graze on greens. She previously demolished houseplants, but now takes out her chewing on the grass inside the fence. If I could figure out how to use her powers of destruction for good instead of evil, we might never have to mow again.

A typical outing consists of one cat wandering around to find the perfect spot to relieve himself while our little white cat heads for the nearest blade of grass and chowing down the instant the door opens. She’ll graze for 5 minutes or so before moving on to exploring, then deciding she’s ready to come back in. This whole process can take anywhere from 7 minutes to 4 hours. When she’s ready to come in, she sits and yowls at the door, making as much racket as she can. My husband lets her in right away because of the crazy amount of noise she makes. This results in conversations like the one we had tonight:

Door slides open
Me: Did you just let the cats in?
Him: Yes, they were sitting at the door.
Me: Did she puke yet?
Him: I don’t know. Should I put her back out.
Me: Yes, at least until she pukes. Otherwise she’ll be making a mess on the carpet again.
Him: OK, let me get them back outside>

Honestly, that’s not a conversation I ever thought I would have.

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Tags: cats, rural life
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