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We’ve been in this house for several years now, living with white walls and horrible leftover ’80′s wallpaper. The previous owners painted all of the walls flat white to sell the house in a hurry. This is pretty obvious from the splats of paint on the wood ceiling and dripped on the molding. But so far it’s not been something at the top of the list to fix – it just wasn’t urgent considering the other work we were doing. And we knew with these vaulted ceilings we were going to have to pay someone else to do the work. Two stories I can handle, three is out of the question.

So we finally have enough money put aside and know a painter who does good work. It’s finally time to add color back to our lives and walls. Picking colors that go with existing mis-matched tile was no fun, but half the house is designed. Monday the work starts and then we have to have the rest of the house determined. I have no idea how we’re going to get all the furniture moved. And 120 gallons of water plus the fish tank is going to be a nightmare. But we’re moving ahead anyway. All I’m hoping right now is that I don’t go insane and kill someone next week.

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Tags: rural life
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