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Today was the first sunny day we’ve had so far this year on a weekend. Or at least it certainly felt like it. There wasn’t any snow on the ground at all this morning, so we took advantage of the dry grass and nice weather to do some yard cleanup. I’d been feeling a little anxious about getting some of this work done lately, but the continuous rain and snow just made it impractical. Digging out the yard in the mud doesn’t work very well.

But today was perfect. I spent a few hours and managed to get about a third of the garden turned, while my husband transplanted a tree and did other cleanup. We had to call a stop to our efforts to make sure we could move tomorrow. I want to get far enough on the cleanup that I can get the peas started before my poor arms give out. Somehow I managed to completely forget that the reason I wanted to get my strength training in was to be able to spend more time working in the garden. It was just too easy to let that slide in the chaos of work and dreaming of the summer garden chores. We’re far enough north that days are still pretty short and I won’t be spending much of the weekend evenings outdoors, so I should easily be able to catch up to where I wanted to be.

In the meantime, I’m resting for my labors. These elk and I are sharing a quiet moment.


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