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Last week was a bear for some reason. It feel like everything is ramping up at work, with no end in sight. I still like my "new" job, and the potential for serious awesome is there. I just wish I could have a day or so to catch up. Or maybe hire in one one of the 3 openings I have right now.

Anyway. Thursday was bring you kid to work day, which I generally avoid like the plague, not having any myself. I was hoping to use the time with people distracted by small children to catch up on my backlog. That sort of happened, but then mid-afternoon I was headed to the kitchen to grab some tea and asked the 2 little girls getting sodas if they knew that our awesome coffee maker makes cocoa too. Seems they had already taken advantage of that perk, and so I headed back to my office again, trying not to listen to them stage-whispering about trying to figure out which office was mine. They finally plucked up the courage to talk to me again and followed into me into my office where some sort of kid-friendly vortex attacked. We ended up playing travel agent for about 20 minutes until my next meeting. I helped them pick flights, choose hotels and talk about what car to use for their getaway to the big island of Hawai'i. I still don't know how they got past my curmudgeon filter around kids. But I entertained the bejeezus out of them just like I used to do as a babysitter.

The funniest part of this story is that the next day I was treated to an awesome note from one of the virus about how much fun she had. It seems that when she got home and told Mom all about her trip to Daddy's office, I played a prominent role. And now I've told this story about 5 times, so it seems she had an impact on me too.

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