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Visitors from the past

Today was another gorgeous day forcing both humans and cats out into the sun. I spent another couple of hours turning over the garden beds. The local elk made their now daily appearance, wondering at two people flailing about. They were mildly concerned about our intentions, but not enough to startle. Fortunately they were both on the other side of the fence and took the deer flies with them.

Even with the terrible job I did of putting the garden to bed last fall, there were some excellent overwintered crops out there. Naturally the carrots did well, but the leeks also look big and happy and the fennel bulb I didn’t pull appears to be sprouting. This las is a huge surprise as the beets didn’t make it, so I would not expect something as fragile as fennel to pull through that harsh winter.

There was one unwelcome group in the garden. It seems that we didn’t get all of the poison hemlock seeds from last fall, so there are about a hundred tiny starts peeking their heads up. I spent a large chunk of my gardening time pulling those guys as carefully as I could, but still managed to end up with a small rash from their poison. Every one of those things has to go as soon as I can get tot them. There are so many and they’re embedded in the grass well enough that I worry about our grass-loving cat getting into them and getting sick. I think she’s smarter than that, but she’s on another stubborn kick so I just can’t be sure.

The one good thing about the stinking hemlock showing back up is that now I know that I can plant the peas earlier next year. If the hemlock is up this early, they’ll be easy to get started.

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