savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Two halves

Some days it feels like I’m living two lives. One where I’m living in a small rural town with chicken farms and small town economy issues. Where it’s normal to spend all of you evenings and weekends gardening or walking dogs or horses. Where having goats or chickens in your yard isn’t that unusual.

But then I’ll come in from my fenced in garden (six feet high to keep the elk and bears mostly discouraged), grab a shower and head out to the opera or a Rollergirls bout. And really it doesn’t get much more urban than that. I think that’s what I love most about living here. I get the majority of my days in a small town where I can be a hermit or run into the mayor at the local burger drive in, but it’s not too far to go do the awesome cultural things that a big city can offer. It beings the two halves together.

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Tags: gardening, localvore, rural life
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