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Vengeance of the shoes

Thursday I'm walking between meetings when I notice that my shoe feels a little loose. I ignored it until I got back to my desk later that day where I finally had 2 minutes to rub together. Turns out that the buckle on my shoe has become a decorative attachment to the strap, with the part that holds the buckle to the rest of the shoe doing it's best impression of the most vicious can opener you've ever seen. I've had this pair of mary janes for something like 5 years, and this is the first bit of drama they've ever exhibited, but boy oh boy did they go all out on their drama debut. I spent the rest of the day walking with what I'm sure looked like a limp while I tried to a) keep the shoe on, b) keep the strap inside the shoe somewhere and c) avoid tripping and crashing into something. It's funny because I was just thinking Wednesday night that I should probably get another pair of work shoes and only just those for weekends. I think they heard me and didn't like the plan, deciding instead of being partially replaced to go out in a blaze of glory. Stupid psychic shoes.

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You were working on your pimp walk...just tell yourself that.

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