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Monday antidote

I managed to catch a pretty bad case of the Mondays today, spending most of the day feeling off and like I was struggling to catch up. I was extremely lucky to have the perfect antidote waiting at home – good weather and energy to burn. I pulled out the shovel and went to work in the yard. My dad had brought over several pots of random plants he just didn’t have room for any more, so I used some of my leftover work anxiety to fuel getting 5 pots worth of plants in the ground. Granted there are still half a dozen more to got, but this seems to be good brain and physical therapy so it’s highly likely that I’ll be motivated to get more done in the evenings now that it’s light for more than an hour. I can’t say I’m looking forward to digging holes for the new trees without the aid of the augur, but at least I can get started.

The other encouraging piece was seeing the pea starts peeking up out of the ground. Of course I still have to figure out what design to use for the trellises, but that’s the fun part. The peas didn’t drown out in the massive rains we’ve had so I’m declaring and early battle won.

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