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One more thing before I have to go.
I've officially given up on toilet-training my cats. It turns out they're way more stubborn than I am. So I've been looking at new types of cat litter that will be less messy and stinky. So I bought this stuff made from wheat, and put a little in the cat box for them to get used to. I dump one cat in the box to smell it and get used to it. She's sniffing happily away, and then decides it might be good to taste it to see whether it's edible.

Gullible human that I am, I think she's just accidentally gotten some stuck on her nose and is cleaning it off. But no, she's trying to eat it. So I dragged her out of the box. I'm hoping that when it starts to take on the smell of the box, she won't be tempted to do that again.

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I've found the miracle cat litter in my opinion. The Fresh Step Crystals. $10 a bag, but it lasts for 30 days. It's the least smelliest that I've come across, and it doesn't track like other litters. It's also the least dusty. :) Check it out.

I tried that with my cats once, and they wouldn't use it. Little Miss Picky wouldn't walk on it. They even managed to track it around. It was crazy. How did you get Fat Cat to use it?

It seems that she's over the taste-the-litter phase for now. :)

She never gave me any trouble over switching to it. Although I do notice that it makes a LOT more noise than other litters, and she walks on it as if she's rather *not* be walking on it.

I like ordinary clumping litter -- if you clean out the clumps, you're left with perfectly clean litter. As long as you don't let it get so dirty that clumps hit the bottom of the pan (and hence break apart when you try to scoop them out), you can keep going indefinitely without smell.

But if your cats eat litter, stay away from clumping stuff -- ingesting clumping litter is Bad. If they can use it, though, it's miraculous -- I can't believe how much ordinary litter stank. They'd pee once and the box was contaminated with stench until I dumepd it.

That's why I went with the wheat. She seems to get litter stuck on her nose for some unknown reason, and licks it off. The wheat is clumping, will flush down the toilet, and is not harmful for their digestion!

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