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Smash is code for

This morning on the way in to work my husband and I were talking about the gardening I’ve been doing over the last couple of nights. I was telling him about the pot ‘o honeysuckle that we ended up with – all eight or so plants dropped into this one pot on top of one another and how I’d been hornswaggled into believing that one pot meant one plant. I dug one hole for the contents of the pot, but upon finding more than three plants in it, I ended up just smashing the rest into the hole and dropping some dirt over the top (honeysuckle will drop roots just about anywhere). The tail end of our conversation went something like this:

Him: You smashed the plants in the hole?
Me: Yes, I smashed them in there.
Him: All of them?
Me: Yes, all of them.
Him: Smashed?
Me: Yes, smashed.
Him: Why would you do that?
Me: To get them in the hole.
Him: But they’re smashed. They won’t grow!
Me: What?
Him: They’re smashed!
Me: What? Yes, smashed. In the hole. With dirt.
Him: But why did you smash them all up?
Me: To get the in the hole? Why does smashing matter?
Him: You smashed them! Like with a potato masher! That’s what smashing means.
Me: Wait, so when I say “Hulk smash!” that’s like mashing potatoes?

Yes, we’re great communicators first thing in the morning. I did however manage to avoid running around work saying “Hulk smash” and cracking myself up all day. I make no promises for tomorrow though.

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