savannah (onsafari) wrote,

My noxious yard, part 1

As I was weeding the yard this weekend, I realized just how many toxic and/or invasive weeds we have taking up space. I thought it might be fun to catalog them here as I pull them out and dispose of them. The poison hemlock is all out of the ground (finally) and I managed to avoid both the cats eating any and getting too bad of a rash pulling it up.

This weeks weed of choice is the california poppy. Somehow I ended up with a single plant, but I know that it will self-seed like crazy and take over the yard so I pulled that sucker out. I did, however, save the flowers for a vase in the house. While technically not noxious, this is an invasive plant so I really couldn’t leave it in, even with the rest of the flower garden. I just don’t have the time or energy to keep after a prolific pest like this so it’s going in the trash. That’s right, I’m not even going to compost it. The risk of spreading poppy seeds with the mulch is just too great so into the trash it goes. Right after it stops making the living room pretty.


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Tags: naturescaping, rural life
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