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Radio casting

I've decided to make mix CDs instead of using a DJ for the wedding. It's kinda silly to spend at least $500 on some guy to play music for a crowd that won't be dancing. :P

So since I'm doing all of this MP3 ripping, I've decided it might be fun to run a radio station. But I can't decide which caster to use. I don't want to have to attend the station as an active DJ all the time, and my web server is a Linux box. Any suggestions?

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I use icecast and love it. I started out with shoutcast, which is also good, but I had some trouble configuring it for more than one station (although that was most likely my fault). Also, icecast already supports the new ogg vorbis format.

On top of that, I just DJ-In-A-Box (djiab.org I think) as my music database. I have separate databases for each station, and djiab is what gives me the nifty console windows with album titles, request system, etc. It runs in conjunction with mysql. Check it out. :)

How much space did you music end up taking up? And is it stored on your web server?

Yeah, it's on my web server. I have an 80 gig drive on there. If I'm reading the du correctly, I have 8 gigs total of MP3 files. That's more than I thought!

Thanks! I just worry about disk space constantly. :)

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