savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Pasta therapy

This week was pretty brutal, tough days at work followed by zombie time at home staring at what feels like the 9th straight month of solid rainy days. Fortunately my husband was just as fed up as I was and suggested eating out. We stopped at our favorite little Italian joint and ate the best Italian foods in the universe. I had the most tender sautéed calimari in a red sauce to die for, and only got one teeny spot on my white shirt*. This place also invariably has some fantastic new wine on special and fantastic dessert. I managed to pace myself tonight and avoided drinking half the bottle, eating dinner slowly enough to save room for a well-earned treat. I ate most of my salted caramel mousse cake before calling it quits with too much fantastic food. Oh boy do I love that place.

* I always wear white to Italian and dim sum, and invariably spill all over myself. There's something about red sauce and soy sauce that makes it leap at my shirts.

Tags: food, via ljapp
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