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Powder blue and decals

I have the most pansy-ass bike in the universe. It’s powder blue with paisley decals, a huge full-butt seat and the girly style standover. All it really needs to be fully six year old equipped is a basket with flowers and an antenna with streamers. The thing is, though, that I just don’t care. Sure, I would have liked cherry red with a unisex frame better, but this bike gets me out and riding and that’s what I really wanted it for anyway. It comfortable and gets the job done. And really, I’m getting used to the abominable color scheme.1

My husband and I celebrated our country this morning by taking our bikes out on the local trail and enjoying a morning rid, with all of the rest of the people out enjoying the sunshine. I’m incredibly thankful that my tax dollars go to worthy causes like keeping this trail in good condition. Seeing the number of people out enjoying the fruits of my taxes is somehow comforting and reminds me how lucky I am to live in a place where preserving nature and recreation is a priority.

  1. There’s definitely a reason it was still at the store with the brown bikes. []

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