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Hori hori lurve

I finally broke down and ordered myself a hori hori. Don’t ask me why I waited so long after picking one out for my mother in law. I think it was the combination of the horrible cold spring and the prospect of spending so much time weeding that kept me from ordering this amazing tool. Let me tell you, I am so glad that I did. I got through more weeding and planting with that in an hour than I’d been able to do in half a day previously. There was no back-breaking work, just the slice of the ground or a root and out the weed popped. I am officially in lurve.

The only problem I have with weeding now is my grass allergy. I can only spend an hour out pulling weeds from the grass before I have to go inside and wash my arms to get rid of the hives. They’re generally gone within a few hours of calling it quits and washing off the resins, but that feeling of having smeared nettles all over my arms just isn’t pleasant. I used to blame this reaction on the treated barks and mulches, but it looks like it’s just grass that’s the culprit which makes my aversion to wide expanses of lawn even more pronounced. Lawns are good for slip ‘n’ slides and not much else. Whoever decided that was a part of the suburban norm must have been in league with the white wedding dress pushers. Anyway, I feel extremely lucky that my hives only show on my arms and not my legs. Walking barefoot in the summer is mandatory – being unable to do so would just break my heart.

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Huh, I had to look "hori hori" up. At first glance I thought you were using a rambo knife on your weeds, which has it's own sort of coolness factor. Then I got to the part where it's a convex blade and it made more sense. Those things should be out in front of the gardening supplies.

Seriously, right? Everyone I know has an old knife they use to garden, but they don't have the measures or the convex digging function. I looked locally before ordering online, and these were impossible to find.

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