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Tastes just like

I’ve finally realize the reason that everything “tastes just like chicken” is that large farmed chicken acts like cauliflower – it absorbs any flavor you put on it. There’s just nothing there to taste other than the sauce. The wonderful thing is that it doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve discovered a teeny chicken farm near my house1 and we decided to try the out. We’d been introduced to the idea of good, flavorful chicken by Thundering Hooves, but when they imploded our source dried up.2 Fortunately someone on the local mailing list pointed me at our local supplier, and we picked up our first bird last month.

The difference that a small farm makes in the quality of chicken just can’t be underestimated. We stuck that first bird on the grill without any flavorings at all just to see how it was and Oh My Goodness it was fantastic. Roast chicken with a side of pea vines and we were stuffed with delicious, and we’ve been slowly picking off all the rest of the meat to make sure there’s nothing left. In fact, it was so good that I’ve increased my order for the next couple of processings so that we can have chicken over the winter. I can’t wait to see what the next one tastes like with a little seasoning on it.

  1. Well, less than 20 minutes away which is nearby out here. []
  2. We use Blue Valley now for our pork. []

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Our pastured chicken has to travel farther, two and a half hours, to be more accurate. I'd been buying Murray's Chickens, which are raised in Pennsylvania, but then I discovered Grass Land Farms' birds, which are even better and raised closer to us. The Murray's definitely were an upgrade in flavor. You are absolutely right about the blandness of factory-farmed chicken. I thought about this after reading Julia Child's autobiography, in which she remarked that chickens in France back when she was starting out were more "chickeny", as she put it, than they are today. I like to think the pastured birds are closer to the type of thing she encountered back then.
My sister raises chickens in Ohio, not that far away from where we live, actually. I've consulted her on marinating techniques, etc. The Grass Land chickens I find are not as tender as Murray's, but I don't mind. I like chicken that's not baby food. Oh my Lord, the stock they make is fabulous, too. Have you made stock from yours yet? To. Die. For.

I haven't done stock yet - there just wasn't time between when we ate it and whe we had to clean out the fridge to do that. We use chicken stock for everything though, so the next round will definitely get rendered. I'm really excited to try it.

I just "decanted" (an appropriate term, since the stuff is soooo gorgeous) my latest batch into containers suitable to freeze it in. OMG, it was like FUDGE, in the sense that it was so thick you couldn't see through it. Even cold and gelatinous, the smell it gave off was divine!

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