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My noxious yard part 3, waste removal

There are two things that really make me mad about having to pull noxious weeds from my yard. The first is that I’m spending time doing this instead of working on more productive things like fertilizing the garden or tending the blueberry or currant bushes. The second is the whole disposal problem.

Plant matter disposal is generally pretty easy around here, with most items I can either 1) toss it over the fence and let the elk eat it or 2) dump it in the compost bin. Neither of these works with these noxious weeds. The elk either won’t eat them because they taste foul/make them sick.1 And I can’t put it in the compost bin because I don’t want seeds and/or the toxic effects in my yard. This really makes me crazy when I’m getting rid of full garbage bags of plant matter like I was this weekend. That hori hori2 was just ripping through the weeds and I ended up with a couple of trash bags full of biomass that went to waste. Fortunately I’m on track to be done pulling the worst of the toxic stuff this year so this will be short lived pain.

  1. Tansy ragwort causes liver failure in livestock. It’s pretty nasty stuff. []
  2. Originally found via a post from North Coast Gardening. []

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You could burn them...the fire would likely destroy what ever is bad and cook the seeds. Ashes could be used for compost.

You and the fire. You crack me up.

Yeah...but it would work right?

I was wondering if city yard waste would take it - their composting facilities are much hotter usually than a backyard composter would be - so there is a higher level of decomp when it comes to the bad stuff.

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