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Circle of life

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been fighting a losing battle against spring. A pair of robins has decided to use our front porch as their nesting ground. For weeks, they’ve been building nests during the day. When we vet home from work, my husband has been steadily knocking them down. Every day they come back. He sprayed vinegar on their chosen location, but that didn’t drive them off. Short of putting the contents of the hatbox up there, I’m out of ideas.

We’re also our of time. Late last week the last nest to get knocked down had an egg in it. It’s not that soft robins egg blue you see on paint swatches but a brilliant teal. That was the last nest we had the heart to knock down. Yes, we’re sorties, and yes we’re going to be putting up with bird poo and peeps for weeks. But we can’t see deliberately knocking down more nests with eggs in them, it just seems cruel somehow. That doesn’t mean we’re not in the market for suggestions on how to avoid this next year. If we have to, we may just resort to the cat pee.

This picture shows the sheer volume of crap we’ve knocked off their preferred spot. They never seem to reuse from the pile, instead bringing all new crap for the nest.


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