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I'm a out 75% committed to going to SteamCon this year, having set aside the dates on the calendar already. I've even partially convince my husband that this will be fun, playing on his love of all things history and naval. He is right now looking at costume ideas and goggle, in between bouts of blowing things up on his computer.

I particularly love that the theme this year is ocean based. My fish and sea obsession is becoming more pronounced, so my desire to wear clothing with jellyfish or squid or goldies needs an outlet. Fortunately no one commented on my new awesome jellyfish shirt at the office, but I have a strong feeling that this will become a collection before long and I need and excuse to have things like that in the closet. Of course, it also means that I get to wear a corset and think about buying a bustle. And that's just a huge pile of awesome.

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Yep. Bustles kind of rock.

You guys thinking about attending?

hadn't really given it serious thought - corset, bustle, skirts, etc...my costume alone starts racking up the bucks - and Matt's not much into cosplay at all...would be cute to dress wade up as a steam punk baby though :)

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