savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Of costumes

I'm very nearly done with my con costume, the plotting and buying. If it turns out well, I will take pictures which should be fun. The plotting of this costume for me and my husband has been entertaining, but his has been more fun. I was able to plane and think with more emotional detachment for him so it was much simpler. My costume has been causing me no end of grief because it is not flexible enough with the whole not reusable for every day wear. For some reason it doesn't bother me for my husbands costume, but mine is making me nuts. I think I have finally found the right parts though and am now enjoying the idea of dressing up for no good reason.

Another minor agony tomorrow, I have a haircut scheduled. Last time I took off nine inches, going from waist to mid back. That was long enough ago that I need a trim, but I am seriously considering changing my everyday costume and chopping it off short. Maybe going straight and red. I need a change and short hair is enough without actually being anything even resembling actual change. I'm hoping I just need the attitude adjustment, today was actually pretty good what with the waking in a good mood and getting stuff done. But I still feel a bit stagnant and looking so recognizable to my high school classmates isn't the way to do it. If I chop off another nine inches, I can donate it and use that as an excuse if I end up hating the look. So many rationalizations, so little time.

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