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My husband has taken a liking to the show Mad Men so we've been watching it pretty regularly. I'm mostly enjoying the show, partly because I like Peggy and Joan, and partly because it really pisses me off sometimes. I'm regularly horrified at the actions of the characters, and discussing the rape of Joan in Drapers office with my husband was interesting. But in general, I find myself feeling thankful that I didn't live through the 60's and not particularly in love with the voyeurism of the show. It feels too much like a soap opera, made ok for men to watch in the same vein that WWE is a manly soap opera, and I just really can't care about it. I'll watch it with my husband, but I think I prefer Ange/Buffy/Supernatural and Shaun the Sheep. But then, I don't like watching train wrecks either.

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We loved Last Airbender! Seriously fantastic show. And Sgt Frog is now on the list. Thank you!

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