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Weekend project

This weekend was one big project, and even with all the work put in it’s not quite complete. My husband brought back two boxes of apples from one of his trips over the mountains and I’ve finally managed to get almost all of them used. The last few apples in the last box will probably go into something with the squash from this weeks CSA as I can barely stand to look at them any more.

It took two days, but I now have two batches each of apple butter and applesauce all canned and safe to store. The applesauce ended up in 9 pint jars and there are 10 half pints of the apple butter. The contrast in colors is gorgeous, and I know from the taste testing that they’re fantastic. Of course, it took two full slow cookers and two 7 quart pots to make this much but it was totally worth it. And of course the extra apple pie didn’t hurt morale any. Thank goodness my husband can bake because pie crusts are evil things. I’d rather have a hot water bath to slave over any day.

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