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Unintended consequences

All of the work we did to upgrade our heating system and even out the temperature in the house has had wonderful results. We no longer have sleepless summer nights, and the basement is no longer an icebox in the winter and a sauna in the summer. However, the basement storage areas we’d been using as essentially fruit cellars are no longer reaping the benefit of being in the coldest part of the house. These storage areas have turned into large, crazy shaped pantries. This means that we’re now having to re-imagine how we store things that need to remain cold.

The first casualty was the wine we’d been storing, sending it off to be vinegar. Fortunately our local Costco was having a special on wine refrigerators which I was able to take advantage of to rescue the few remaining bottles. We don’t really stock up on sundries like that, but when we make our bulk runs I like to grab a few bargains to test out. I managed to pick up some bottles of sparkling Muscato a while back, it’s the finds like that keeping me on with testing random wines for flavor. The surprise is like a pinata, you just neve know what you’ll end up with.

As for the rest of what we’re storing, the dry goods will be fine. But the things I’ve canned over the last few summers are down there so we’re coming up with a way to use the crawl space as a storage area. The only trouble is that the cats don’t catch all the local rodents so it’ll have to be one heck of a protected space. Some day we may even know what that looks like.

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