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Volunteer groundcover

As all gardeners know, leaving ground bare for more than two consecutive minutes results in volunteer plants of one sort or another. After the installation of our new heating system, we fully intended to put down new dirt and lawn over the bare rock left behind. That never quite happened, so those patches of ground remained bare for long enough to pick up volunteers from the surrounding landscape.
For the most part, they’ve been unpleasant interlopers like foxglove1 and blackberry2. But I’ve also found a few bits of fun in among the weeds. It looks like we have a bit of yarrow trying to establish itself as groundcover. I’m totally ok with this as the yarrow leaves are nice to look at and soft to touch. They make a nice complement to the clover and fescue in the rest of the lawn. Now to see if they’ll overwinter successfully.


  1. Pretty but toxic. []
  2. Both the Himalayan fast growing pain and the slow and pretty native. []
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