savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Winter breakage

I’ve spent today listening to the sounds of trees cracking and breaking In half due to the sheer weight of the ice accumulating on their branches. Watching a fir crack half way up the turn and drop the top to the ground is and awesome experience, one that I don’t really wish to repeat. These poor trees are falling apart, but taking the rest of us with them.

Snowpocalypse started Monday, snowing enough to be inconvenient and threatening for the afternoon commute. I prudently stayed home, missing the insanity of freeways clogged by people who can’t drive in the snow but don’t have enough sense to care. It just got worse over the next few days, but taunted us with warmth yesterday, just enough to result in the sheets of ice on the plants outside today. Naturally this also resulted in the power going out.

Yes, we are one of the 200,000+ householders currently without power. However, we’ve learned our lesson for previous years and now have backup plans for our backup plans. While I may not leave the house for another few days, I’ll be here warm and well fed. Hopefully everyone is this lucky.


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