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Choice delimited

I'm not quite sure how to frame this. I guess it starts this way - I used to work in a book store. Back in the day, way before now, before the internet exploded into being, I sold books for a living. If you're surprised, you shouldn't be. I live in my head, I work hard but people aren't my strong suit. Books, pages, online, email, those are easy for me. I loved the hell out of that job. Reading new books and telling people about them was right up there with world peace.

Anyway, my point. I still love books. I love indie presses, I love little authors, I love people with interesting things to say. (I love the big guys too, but my version of big guy is Neil Gaiman and Anne McCaffrey. Hello, not very timely with the pop culture.) Subterranean Press is on my favorites list for new work, there's just so much awesome there. My problem tonight is that it seems that PayPal is actively trying to kill them.

I'll admit it, I've picked up a SmashWords habit somewhere along the way. And I use PayPal to support my favorite artists through SubPress and Etsy as well. Any way to get my money to the people who have created the work is brilliant. But acting like this? 95% of the crap bodice-rippers put out in book form by Harlequin would be banned.

Don't get me wrong, I have a serious problem with people who act on non-consensual fantasies. Really, you probably don't want to ask me about it. But giving folks an outlet for that in a book? Where nobody gets hurt? And people can skip the parts they're not ok with? How is that wrong? There is a huge difference between the written word and action.

The other thing I see happening here is the opportunity presenting itself for a third party to constrain the way that people spend money on legal items. That's a separate rant I'll save for another day though. Right now, just think about PayPal and how much of the online sales they control. How many people will go out of business when PayPal gets away with yet another bullying tactic?

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