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ConeCat strikes again


ConeCat is back for the third time in recent history, with the unpleasant fallout that I’m not sleeping. The little monster has decided to groom herself bald in several places resulting in the inevitable cone. At this stage of the process she’s still sulking and convinced she’s being punished and therefore demands midnight snuggles. I’m immune to most midnight cat demands, but there’s something special about being headbutted with a plastic cone that wakes me right up.

Fortunately there’s nothing wrong with her that a little behavior modification won’t fix. She’s been tested for thyroid issues and chest issues, all with good result except maybe a little asthma or mild bronchitis.1 I really can’t wait for the next stage of coneness to kick in though. I’m sure my coworkers won’t like it when I start getting snappish from lack of sleep.

  1. Of course getting those results was one heck of a saga, and we’ll only be visiting when the primary vet is in residence in the future. She’s a great doc but her staff is flaky and the substitute vets all seem to flail about a bit. []
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