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Opening Bid

I know I promised I’d talk a little about financial tips and tricks and the journey to here from there, but I really should start at the beginning. See, I’ve always been good at math, but math and finances don’t always go together.

Sure, I took the Junior Achievement or whatever quickie class in school. I could balance a checkbook, easy. Make the numbers add up and make sure you don’t go negative. Check. But none of that covers budgeting. Or credit cards. Or student loans. I could do compound interest, but the connection between future payments and real wealth isn’t something they teach in school, not even in college. Studying Economics didn’t help me figure out how to finance my first computer or how to get more bang for my buck with student loans. So I took out loans for everything banking on my schooling to get me a job to pay it back.

I got lucky and it mostly worked out. But I started off in the hole. And then I bought a house.1 Welcome to debt.

  1. All the money I saved for this barely covered closing costs. How naive I was! []
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